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Enjoy PTPShopy’s fully proprietary White Label cryptocurrency payment gateway platform that allows you to own a payment gateway with zero development costs.
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White-Label Payment Gateway: More Pros and Fewer Cons

Payments are an integral part of your business, and having the right partner to help you with this is a big advantage. As the world moves towards online payments, safe and fast transactions are becoming a must.

As a solution, the White-Label payment gateway allows you, under your brand, to provide merchants and online merchants with a service for receiving payments for goods or services sold.

What is White-Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?
Acquiring a White-Label payment gateway allows any company to process payments using a third-party gateway provider by integrating the company’s logo and colors with payment processors to create a personalized solution.
Why Choose White-Label Payment Solutions?
Build or Buy is the choice most business owners face when they need to decide on certain points. Do you have the capital, knowledge, and a large technical team to provide your customers with the most efficient and innovative payment solutions? Alternatively, you can simply save those funds by choosing the PTPShopy White Label platform and take advantage of the added value!
Benefits of Choosing the PTPShopy White Label Solution

We have the experience and capabilities to deliver the latest innovative technologies to facilitate online payments. Additionally, PTPShopy is integrated into the blockchain network with support of over 150 cryptocurrencies. You’ll receive plenty of more benefits when working with us. Did we mention that you’re also able to sell the solution as your own?

Earn on Transaction Fees
White Labeling gives you the opportunity to earn from each transaction fee received under the Share Transaction Fee program.

Fraud and Risk Management
PTPShopy White-Label provides advanced anti-fraud strategies and tools with a set of options.

Building your own gateway from scratch is a big investment with no guarantee of completion. It is also possible that once it is completed, there is a chance that the final product is not fully functional or is out of date. However, if you choose PTPShopy White Label Solution, this problem can be solved. Working

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