Begin receiving cryptocurrency transactions for your goods & offerings!

Are you a Self-employed professional, Business owner, Gaming enthusiast, Merchant, or Social media influencer? Leverage our worldwide cryptocurrency transaction platform to get immediate crypto payments for your goods & offerings.

how to accept crypto payments
how to accept crypto payments

Our Services for Accepting Payments in Cryptocurrency

crypto accept
accept bitcoin payments on your purchasing

Choose any of more than 400 accepted cryptocurrencies for payment!

accept bitcoin payments on your purchasing

Receive immediate, secure payouts with zero chargebacks!

accept bitcoin payments on your purchasing

Benefit from the lowest fees in the crypto industry!

Various Payment Instruments at Your Disposal


For eCommerce Sites

Incorporate your site with platforms like Shopify or WordPress


For Messaging Apps

Accept payments via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.


For Billing

Establish an API with IPN (Invoice Payment Method) for crypto payment acceptance


For Receiving Donations

Quickly set up a donation widget on your chosen platform


For iGaming & Online Casinos

Safeguard your player’s identities & save up to 95% on transaction costs

What Sets Us Apart

crypto payment gateways low fees

Lowest Fees

crypto payment gateways

Zero Chargebacks

instant payments with crypto payment gateways

Instant Payments

One merchant with crypto payment gateways

Single Merchant Links Multiple Stores

lots of payment tools with crypto payment gateways

Lots of Payment Tools

global payments with crypto payment gateways

Global Payments

(Expand your business globally with unlimited, immediate, and low-cost cryptocurrency transactions)

quick launch crypto payment gateways

Quick Launch

(Provides super-easy integration and a wide variety of payment tools)

cryptocurrency payment

Multi-Coin Wallet

(One wallet, 400+ Coins)

cryptocurrency payment

Multi-Currency Pricing

(Display price of your goods and services in a wide range of foreign currencies and receive settlements and reports in your home currency.)

Widest Range of Crypto Payment Tools and Plugins

crypto accept


accept cryptocurrency


crypto payment solutions

CMS Plugins

crypto merchant


cryptocurrency payment processor

Donate and Crowdfunding

shopify crypto payments
Opencart crypto payments
accepting crypto
crypto payment platforms
crypto payments

Advantages Of Using Cryptocurrency In e-Commerce

Accepting payments in cryptocurrency is a great way for a business to attract new customers. Bitcoin and other digital money users are more inclined to purchase from businesses that accept these forms of payment. These individuals are more likely to support companies that accommodate their preferred payment method.
Here are some of the specific benefits of using cryptocurrencies in your e-commerce business:

Minimal transaction fees

Can open a new segment of customers

Accept crypto payments and take advantage of this growing market and rising demand

Thanks to blockchain technology, every crypto transaction has a secure online record

Reliable service

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The Process

Use a cryptocurrency payment processor for accept cryptocurrency payments and donations

cryptocurrency payment processor
crypto accept

SET UP AN ACCOUNT in the crypto payment processor

Select your integration

crypto accept
cryptocurrency payment processor
cryptocurrency payment processor
crypto accept

Incorporate payment method on your site

Receive Payment In Cryptocurrency!

crypto accept
accept crypto

How Crypto Payments Work

accept crypto

Your customer chooses to pay
with crypto

accept crypto payments on website

Customer selects a currency to pay

accepting crypto

Customer chooses sends crypto to the deposit address

accept crypto

You receive the currency of
your choice

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Press About PTPShopy Services

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crypto payment platforms
crypto gateways
accepting crypto
accept crypto payments on website
crypto accept
crypto gateways

Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto Payments Processing

A cryptocurrency payment gateway, also known as a cryptocurrency payment processor, is a solution created by a provider that allows businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency payment gateway is similar to an online cash register for businesses. It allows companies to accept payments in ALGO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron or other coins. Each transaction receives a unique code that the buyer can use to send their cryptocurrency to the seller. First, the payment gateway confirms the payment. As soon as the payment is credited to the merchant’s wallet in the payment gateway, the services or goods for which he received the payment can be provided.

– Initiating a sale: Your customer decides to make a purchase using cryptocurrency. He selects a cryptocurrency payment method during the checkout process. During checkout, the cryptocurrency that will be used to make the payment is selected. Payment in cryptocurrency corresponds to the value of the goods in fiat currency at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

– Transaction processing: The buyer’s payment immediately appears in the seller’s payment table with a status of “Awaiting Confirmation”. The cryptocurrency transfer is verified on the blockchain.

– Verification on the blockchain: The speed of verification depends on many factors. Which blockchain is used, network utilization, the cost of the gas commission the buyer pays. It is a decentralized process which increases security and transparency.

– Finalizing the sale: The transaction is finalized and gets an “Approved” status and your buyer receives the goods from you. As a seller, you get paid in cryptocurrency quickly, securely, and hassle-free.

It’s not a simple process. It involves many components, such as blockchain networking, security, development of the platform itself and an admin portal to manage the platform. The best solution, if you need a Crypto payment gateway under your brand, is to buy an off-the-shelf solution. For example, white label PTPShopy or Independent PTPShopy Platform. All of these solutions are turnkey. It all depends on your budget. If this is what you require, please contact us via the contact form.

At PTPShopy crypto payment gateway there are many merchant tools that he can utilize. You can test them for free by registering on the platform. Crypto payment merchant tools: Point of Sale (PoS) for both online and offline sales, API, Plugins for E-Commerse platform (crypto payment solution for Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Drupal 8+, PrestaShop 1.7.x and others), also there is a solution for crowdfunding, donation and invoicing. 

The buyer receives from the seller a link to the Checkout page, where he chooses which cryptocurrency he wants to pay with, he is immediately recalculated at the current rate how much will be in the chosen currency of the cryptocurrency. The buyer can scan the QR code or copy the address where the money should be sent from his wallet. If the buyer has sent an inaccurate amount or the exchange rate has changed and the new amount does not match the amount to be paid. After receiving the payment the merchant decides to accept the payment partially or send it back to the buyer.

There are no merchant plans or hidden fees on the PTPShopy platform. Businesses don’t pay any fee for withdrawing funds from the platform. Only transaction fees are paid at the time of payment for products or services. This fee is 0.99% of the received amount. Businesses looking to accept cryptocurrencies for their services or products can sign up on the PTPShopy platform for free, set up their merchant tools, and start accepting payments. You can withdraw at any time and any amount at $0 cost. No restrictions.

E-wallets, also known as digital wallets or mobile wallets, are mainly used to store payment methods and related information. When an electronic wallet is used to make a payment, it simply transmits this information through its application to the checkout point. Payment gateways, on the other hand, represent the technological infrastructure that processes the payment, including verification of the payer and recipient, verification of funds, routing of payment and notification of settlement.

Yes, PTPShopy offers a cryptocurrency payment plugin for Shopify. You can access it by going to the Merchant Tools page and installing it on your website.

PTPShopy crypto payment processing features are created for use on websites, Face-to-Face sales, sales through messenger applications, and via other different types of sales channels.

Yes, PTPShopy has a crypto payment plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce.

Yes, PTPShopy WP plugin allows you to process cryptocurrency payments directly in your WooCommerce store and receive them to your cryptocurrency wallet without any intermediaries.

PTPShopy development team is working on a payment gateway for Telegram bots, it will be announced soon.

Non-Profit Organizations, like any other type of companies on the PTPShopy platform, don’t pay any membership or hidden fees. PTPShopy charges only a transaction fee of 0.99% on the transaction amount during the receival of payments or donations. We charge $0 for the withdrawal of accumulated funds to an external wallet. Creating campaigns and widgets for campaigns also costs nothing. Any Non-Profit Organization can create their profile and campaign for free and start fundraising immediately.

Businesses looking for ways to accept cryptocurrencies need to integrate a crypto payment gateway into their solution. However, using any cryptographic gateway, if it is not PTPShopy, does not mean that you are not subject to regulation.

Crypto wallets, like other financial products, undergo KYC/AML verification to prevent potential money laundering and financial terrorism risks.

Knowing your customer is an important aspect of financial regulation, and compliance with KYC requirements is usually mandatory for financial institutions. It is also a necessary part of the fight against financial crimes, as it helps to ensure that financial systems are not used for illegal purposes.

You will need to undergo KYC when you plan to withdraw your funds to an external wallet or when you want to create an official donate campaign.

There are no restrictions. PTPShopy crypto payment solution can be used in India, Duabi, USA, UK, Indonesia and other countries of the world.

Companies need to take a lot into account when choosing the most suitable payment gateway processor using cryptocurrency. In this section, we will suggest the key criteria that you should use to evaluate potential service providers. Find out more in our merchant guide.


Have a clear understanding of how the payment gateway earns its money. Most payment systems charge a fixed transaction fee and a percentage of the payment amount, as well as pay a commission for withdrawing funds to a third-party wallet. This can range from 0.5% to 5%, depending on your partner’s payment method. When paying with cryptocurrencies, expect a commission of about 1.5-3%+ 1% Withdrawal.

Therefore, PTPShopy offers a single commission for the sale – 0.99% and 0% for withdrawal funds from the merchant’s wallet.

Processing and settlement times

Processing and settlement of cryptocurrencies occurs almost instantly, but can be slowed down due to the volume of other transactions being processed on the blockchain at the same time. A cryptocurrency payment processor that uses multiple blockchains can mitigate these delays. Some providers also offer to guarantee cryptocurrency payment before the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, giving the merchant an instant response.

Easy to Deploy

Low-code deployment options such as hosted payment pages make it easy to get started with a payment processing partner. They are typically quick to deploy and have the benefit of extensive vetting and testing, so merchants can be confident they are optimized for payment conversion. For merchants who want more control over their payments, such as a personalized payer experience, APIs and developer documentation are important. In this scenario, the crypto gateway provider should still be assessed on its willingness and ability to offer guidance and support.

Payer experience

Cryptocurrency payment paths are still evolving, and the industry has some work to do to replicate the one-click checkout experience that consumers have come to expect in e-commerce, for example. However, some cryptocurrency payment methods are better than others. Make sure you choose a payment gateway with verified hosted payment pages that have been tested and optimized for payer experience and conversion, such as PTPShopy, which is all two-click, allowing you to quickly accept payments from buyers.


Signing up with a cryptocurrency payment provider may be easy, but it may not always be easy to subsequently receive the support you need for ongoing payment requests. Look for a provider with a well-equipped customer support team—and the hours of operation you need. PTPShopy you will receive 24/7 support.‍