Start accepting cryptocurrency payments for your products & services!

Are you a Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Retailer, or Influencer? Use our global cryptocurrency payment gateway to get instantly paid in crypto for your products & services.

Our Services

Accept more than 400 cryptocurrencies of your choice!

Get instant, safe, no-chargeback payouts!

Save on fees, ours are the lowest in the crypto market!

Many Payment Tools Available


For e-Commerce Websites

Integrate your website with Shopify or WordPress and other platforms


For Messenger Apps

Get paid via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more


For Invoicing

Set up an API with IPN (Invoice Payment Method) to accept crypto payments


For Accepting Donations

Set up a donation widget in minutes on your preferred platform


For iGaming & Online Casinos

Protect your player’s identities & save up to 95% on transaction fees

How It Works

Set up account

Choose your integration

Add payment method on your website

Get paid in crypto!

Whats Makes Us Unique

Lowest Fees

No Chargebacks

Instant Payments

One Merchant Connects Many Stores

Lots of Payment Tools

Global Payments

(Grow your business worldwise with unlimited, instant and low-cost crypto currency transactions)

Quick Launch

(Provides super-easy integration and a wide variety of payment tools)

Multi-Coin Wallet

(One wallet, 400+ Coins)

Multi-Currency Pricing

(Display price of your goods and services in a wide range of foreign currencies and receive settlements and reports in your home currency.)

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency In e-Commerce

Accepting payments in cryptocurrency is a great way for a business to attract new customers. People using Bitcoin and other digital assets are more likely to make purchases from companies that accept these forms of payment.
Here are some of the specific benefits of using cryptocurrencies in your e-commerce business:

Minimal transaction fees

Can open a new segment of customers

Accept crypto payments and take advantage of this growing market and rising demand

Thanks to blockchain technology, every crypto transaction has a secure online record

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