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Accept Crypto, Make Payouts in Any Digital or Fiat Currency

Companies in the gambling industry operate in a competitive market where they are susceptible to hacks, data leaks, and crashes. They can’t afford to be left exposed. A reliable cryptocurrency payment processing solution, such as PTPShopy, is a secure option for iGaming platforms looking for extra security and for a way to attract more players.

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Benefits of using PTPShopy for gaming payments:


Our tailor-made gaming payment solutions can help your business navigate payment processing challenges, deliver an optimal user experience, and ensure compliance with regulations, all while minimizing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the advantages of using cryptocurrencies is that users can not charge back payments. This ensures a secure transaction environment for your business, reducing the risk of disputes and potential fraud.

Absolutely. PTPShopy provides comprehensive trading services, including gaming payout management. We ensure secure and swift transactions, guaranteeing smooth payments for both businesses and customers.

Starting with PTPShopy is simple. Visit our website and complete the merchant account registration form. Then, fill out the contact form on the site, providing your merchant ID. One of our specialized managers will reach out for a consultation and assist you through the setup process.

At PTPShopy, we go beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements; we actively assist our clients in organizing their businesses. Our services don’t just stop at what’s listed; we also offer custom solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Moreover, we provide comprehensive and targeted support to every client.