Receive crypto payments with our free invoice generator

our free invoice generator
Crypto Invoice Generator

Crypto Invoice Generator

Send Bills to Your Clients

Send Bills to Your Clients

Create Receipts Online

Create Receipts Online

Crypto Subscription Payments

Crypto Subscription Payments

3 min
Service fee
Average setup time
No limits

Increase sales and efficiency

Benefit from a seamless cryptocurrency billing service that will improve your customer experience:
increase sales and efficiency

Take advantage of crypto payments

Create an invoice with a payment link and increase your earnings while providing better services to your customers.
Low and clear fees

Low and clear fees

Unchangeable commission for payment of goods in the amount of 0.99%, with 0% commission for withdrawing your funds to a third-party wallet.

Receiving of payment 100% guaranteed

Receiving of payment 100% guaranteed

We have built an algorithm to help determine the payer for an unidentified payment. Not a single incoming payment from your customers will be lost.

Start creating invoices

Start creating invoices in no time

Create an invoice for your customer in less than a minute and start accepting payments instantly.

Recurring billing

Recurring billing

Merchants can enable automatic invoicing depending on the billing period.

Full control of funds

Full control of funds

Remain in full control of your transactions: no chargebacks unless you initiate them.


24/7 support

We are committed to providing you with ongoing support along your journey. Our team is always ready to help you with any questions.

How it works

Set up your account

1. Set up your account on PTPShopy

Create a merchant account, confirm your email address.

Create an invoice

2. Create an invoice

Create an invoice using the crypto invoice generator. Fill in the required fields.

Earn instantly

3. Earn instantly

Receive payments effortlessly to your crypto merchant wallet.

Trusted all over the world

Our mission is to promote the mass adoption of our crypto technology, enabling cryptocurrency acceptance and providing a reliable, uninterrupted platform. Trusted by thousands of partners around the world, we strive to contribute to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting a payment link provider, pay attention to the following details:

– Is the service provider well established?

– How long have they been in the market? Are they safe and secure?

– Are their rates reasonable?

– Do they provide an easy checkout process?

– Do they have a large enough selection of supported currencies?

– Last but not least, how good is their customer service and support?

After going through all these points on the project website or support team, you should have a clear idea of whether it is worth continuing to consider the option you are considering.

The cryptocurrency invoicing platform is a key provider making it easier for the industry to receive payments in cryptocurrency. It works as an intermediary between the buyer, seller and the blockchain network, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

The main benefit for businesses using cryptocurrency invoicing platforms is the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers or other businesses. This is very important when selling goods and services in countries where cryptocurrencies are widespread payment methods, where fiat currencies are subject to inflation, or where there is an increased level of alienation from traditional banking and payment services. Cryptocurrency payments are typically processed faster and cheaper than traditional banking and card networks, so dealers can also save on costs and improve their cash flow situation.

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