Accept Cryptocurrency Payments
at Your Casino!

Benefits of Casino Crypto Payments

Save up to 95% on Transaction Fees

Stop being crippled by fiat transactions fees. Cryptocurrency fees help businesses keep more revenue in their pockets.

International Coverage

Get players from all over the world by accepting crypto payments. The world is your oyster.                                                        


Protect your players' identities from strict laws or social stigma with untraceable crypto transfers.                                   

Fast       Transactions        

Remove the middle guy. As soon as a payment is made, it will be immediately deposited in your crypto wallet.

Fiat money has its drawbacks – whether they are tax regulations, fiscal policy, gambling laws, these make it difficult to run a profiting gambling business. The emergence of cryptocurrency payment solutions, such as PTPShopy, help gambling businesses bypass many regulation headaches. It’s simple to set up and 100% secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join the program, you need to first register on PTPShopy. Inside your account, you will find your referral link along with your commission percentage.

Our company, according to your order, can add any required functionality. Please contact us and we will discuss everything.

Any other questions?