Crypto payments for Gambling platforms

Improve your gaming platform by adding cryptocurrency with low fees and the highest level of privacy. Enable crypto payments for guaranteed success and increased income. Try PTPShopy and enjoy its functionality, especially for the gaming platform.

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Benefits of Casino Crypto Payments

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Save up to 95% on Transaction Fees

Stop being crippled by fiat transactions fees. Cryptocurrency fees help businesses keep more revenue in their pockets.

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International Coverage

Get players from all over the world by accepting crypto payments. The world is your oyster.                                                        

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Protect your players' identities from strict laws or social stigma with untraceable crypto transfers.                                   

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Fast       Transactions        

Remove the middle guy. As soon as a payment is made, it will be immediately deposited in your crypto wallet.

What is a crypto payment gateway for gambling?

A gambling payment gateway is a payment gateway that deals with online gambling. To clarify this concept, we should first define a payment gateway and then understand what online gambling is to understand the differences between payment services for this type of business.

A payment gateway is a technical solution for a business that helps process online transactions securely. Specifically, it is responsible for authorization. In other words, it encrypts the transaction data and transmits it from the merchant’s website or application to the payment processor or acquirer, receives a response (approval or rejection) from them, and sends it back to the merchant’s web application.

In turn, online gambling is an activity that involves risking money for the chance to win even more money – for example, participating in lotteries, online casino games such as roulette, or card games such as poker or blackjack. Banks and payment service providers consider this industry to be high-risk.

The global online gambling market is a large market, expected to exceed $112 billion by 2025, and the main barrier to growth is regulation. This is because each country has specific laws regarding gambling, and companies providing such services have to comply with local laws in order to enter new markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before choosing a cryptocurrency payment gateway, you should pay attention to the following details:

– Is this crypto payment provider well established? Is the crypto payment gateway its developed software or is it reselling someone else’s services?

– How long have they been in the market? Do they have any other crypto products they have developed?

– Do they have low fees?

– Do they provide a simple and reliable payment process for players?

– Do they have a large enough selection of supported currencies? And is it possible to quickly add the currencies you require?

– And most importantly, how does their customer service work?

By finding out all these points you should have a clear idea of whether you should consider this provider for your Gambling business.

Our company, according to your order, can add any required functionality. Please contact us and we will discuss everything.

There is only one tariff in PTPShopy.

– A small commission of 0.99% is charged for each payment.

– On Withdraw funds from crypto accounts to a third-party wallet 0%.

– There are no additional fees for the number of accepted cryptocurrencies.

To start accepting cryptocurrency, follow these simple steps:

– Create a personal account on our website;

– Generate an IPN secret key for callbacks and use your API key for integration.

– Choose a plugin or install the API on your website;

After the above, your business is ready to accept cryptocurrency from gambling players.

Here’s our integration guide to help you. If you need help or a customized solution, please contact us we can help.

PTPShopy provides fast and secure cryptocurrency payments and payouts for over 400+ crypto assets.

We are always happy to expand the list of accepted assets! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have something interesting – we will be happy to consider it and bring it to life.

Any other questions?