Become an Affiliate Partner
& Earn a Side Income!

Register an affiliate account and earn money on building ties between merchants and PTPShopy.

How It Works?

Sign up

Sign up through the referral form and get instant access to your referral link. Place this link in your website, social media, or email signature.

Refer Merchants

When a merchant clicks on your affiliate referral link and connects to the payment gateway platform through the merchant form, they become your "merchant customer".

Collect Commission

You earn a percentage of the transaction fee when a merchant’s client purchases their product or service.

Passive Income

Earn commission from your referral link for 5 years. The more merchants that sign up through your link, the higher your income will be.

PTPShopy Affiliate Program FAQ

To join the program, you need to first register on PTPShopy. Inside your account, you will find your referral link along with your commission percentage.

The cryptocurrency payment gateway is in demand in all industries. Businesses that want to expand their customer base by attracting customers willing to pay with cryptocurrency can use PTPShopy.