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Sign up as a Referrer through the sign up page. Receive instant access to your referral code & link. Place this link in your website, social media, or email signature.

Refer Merchants

When a merchant uses your affiliate link and registers with the payment gateway through the merchant sign-up form, they become your 'merchant customer'.

Collect Commission

When a merchant's client buys their product or service, you receive a percentage of the transaction fee.

Passive Income

Earn commissions from your referral link for up to five years. The more merchants who register through your link, the greater your earnings.

PTPShopy Affiliate Program FAQ

An affiliate/referral program is a marketing strategy that encourages existing users to promote PTPShopy using a unique referral code or link. When a new client signs up and begins using the merchant service through your referral, you earn consistent income from PTPShopy. This referral program offers a sustainable passive income source, as PTPShopy will continuously pay you a commission based on the transaction fees from merchants referred by you.

In today’s world, a robust referral program can provide financial freedom, eliminating the need to constantly search for new job opportunities. Every business that adopts PTPShopy’s services through your referral contributes to your ongoing income.

While word-of-mouth is a natural starting point for affiliate/referral marketing, relying solely on it might tap into just a fraction of its potential. Although organic referrals can set the stage, maximizing your earnings often involves leveraging public social networks to expand your reach and achieve the desired income

Referral marketing is a growth-driven tactic designed to motivate your current and former followers to adopt merchant services to better service their customers. While it’s commonly equated with word-of-mouth marketing, referral marketing amplifies the inherent benefits of organic recommendations by providing user-friendly tools like referral links or codes.

Modern marketing faces escalating complexities and costs. This is due to:

(i) rising expenses paired with diminishing returns in digital marketing;

(ii) challenges in reaching customers because of ad blockers, spam filters, banner blindness, and compliance needs related to regulations like GDPR and CCPA, coupled with the decline of traditional TV viewership;

(iii) a growing skepticism among consumers towards advertising, celebrity endorsements, and influencers. Compounding these challenges is the noticeable decline in brand loyalty among today’s consumers.

The advantages of referral marketing are clear-cut against other methods. Research consistently reveals that consumers trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family above all other advertising forms. Moreover, messages from trusted acquaintances, be it via email or text, are more likely to be opened and read. As the Keller Institute’s research underscores, referral marketing’s efficacy often stems from precision targeting and the credibility of the source. This ensures that the right message reaches the right person at the right moment.

Consequently, customers acquired via referral marketing typically outperform those from other channels in terms of spending and loyalty. This not only benefits PTPShopy Referral Partners with a steady income but also highlights the importance of having dedicated referral partners. Such partners are vital for driving PTPShopy’s marketing efforts and, in the process, establishing a sustainable income stream for themselves

PTPShopy pays the commission in the currency in which the transaction took place between the merchant and their buyer. Example: the buyer bought a product for USDC and then bought another product for XRP. The referral will receive commission payment in these tokens. Commission payments are made automatically and instantly after the completion of the transaction between the merchant and the buyer. Payment in cryptocurrency is non-refundable.

PTPShopy offers the most popular referral tools for Referrals. Such as (i) a referral code that can be distributed in your groups or friends, (ii) a referral link with banners that can be used to place on a website or in social groups for referral traffic.

You need to register as a Referral on PTPShopy. This can be done here.

You can also get all the necessary information about PTPShopy here.

If you have more questions, please contact us via the contact form here.

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are in demand across all industries. Businesses looking to expand their customer base and attract those willing to pay with cryptocurrency can benefit from PTPShopy.

According to statistics posted on Authority Hacker, the average affiliate marketer in the technology niche earns approximately $7,418 per month. As cryptocurrencies and their associated technologies have blurred the lines between traditional finance and tech sectors, making them relevant to both niches, the average affiliate marketer in the finance niche earns approximately $9,296 per month. As always, the actual earnings will depend on the specific audience, promotional strategies, experience, and other variables. The figures provided are averages, and individual results can vary widely.

To create an affiliate account, simply click on “Log in/Sign up”, and click on “Sign up as a Referrer”. Once you create the account, you will see your unique referral code and link. Before starting to referrer merchants, we highly recommend for you to complete the KYC application to ensure smooth withdrawals in the future.

No. When the Affiliate/Referrer account is created, you are given a default receive address for each currency. It’s up to the merchant to decide which currencies they’ll accept for payment. PTPShopy automatically generates a receive address for each new currency as it’s used. For subsequent transactions, all funds in that currency will go to its specific receive address. If a different currency is used later, a new receive address will be created and linked to that currency’s ticker. For the XRP and ALGO currencies, it is important to activate those accounts manually in order to receive commission in those particular currencies.

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