Accepting Cryptocurrencies with a PoS Terminal

PTPShopy presents a unique solution for Point-of-Sale Terminal that allows your customers to easily spend cryptocurrency in your offline store.

Key Advantages

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Versatile Crypto Transactions

Our PoS solution empowers you to accept crypto payments effortlessly—whether in-store or on-the-go. Get paid in crypto anywhere, anytime.

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Forget costly hardware; our platform is compatible with the smartphones, tablets, or desktops you already own.

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Say goodbye to costly chargeback fraud. Crypto transactions are secure and final, boosting your bottom line. And with PTPShopy, transaction reversals are under your control.

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Simplified Payments

Experience the convenience of one-click payments. Plus, with our Payment Link feature, delayed payments are worry-free, ensuring you never miss out on a sale.

Market Insight

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Join the vanguard: 51% of crypto users prefer crypto-friendly merchants, and with 40% of them new to the scene, there’s a vast untapped market waiting for you.
Step into the global stage by integrating cryptocurrency payments today.

How to Start Accepting Crypto Using the PTPShopy Point-of-Sale Platform

Sign up

Navigate to PoS

Create your Offline Store and PoS Sale Order

Make a sale​

Create Receipt Online

Frequently Asked Questions by Merchants About PoS

We have compiled the most commonly asked questions about our cryptocurrency payment solution.
A Point-of-Sale system enables merchants to calculate the amount a customer owes and issue an invoice. Essentially, it’s the point where a customer makes a payment in a physical store. The PoS terminal processes and records the transaction. With PTPShopy, your customers can pay with cryptocurrency when they make a purchase in your offline store.
PTPShopy can process over 400+ cryptocurrencies, including almost all popular stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, STASIS EURO, USDP, and USDD.
Yes, PTPShopy is designed for easy integration with your existing accounting system. Our platform offers a seamless setup process and you can start accepting cryptocurrencies quickly.
Security is our top priority. Cryptocurrency transactions with PTPShopy are secured with state-of-the-art encryption and comply with the highest industry standards to ensure your funds and customer data are protected.

Our fees are competitive and transparent. We charge a small percentage of the transaction amount, which is significantly lower than traditional payment processing fees. The withdrawal fee is $0.