Accepting Payments via PTPShopy WooCommerce’s Crypto Payment Gateway

Over the past few years, digital e-commerce has experienced immense growth, evolving to cater to the needs of consumers. Spanning across the supply chain and even payment, technology has become an integral innovation in facilitating transactions between merchants and consumers in e-commerce. From credit and debit card transactions to cryptocurrency payment gateways, the mode of payment has advanced without compromising ease or speed. This article highlights the significance of cryptocurrency payments, that is, PTPShopy, within WooCommerce stores.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a popular open-source e-commerce platform for merchants to build successful businesses by bridging geographical barriers. It is a software solution built for WordPress-based websites and a major tool for developing e-commerce shops. Its easy-to-use interface allows anyone to transform their website into a functioning online store with built-in features that simplify online transactions. WooCommerce merchants can easily display their products, manage orders, and accept payment without breaking the bank. 

PTPShopy: The Best Payment Gateway Solution for WooCommerce Merchants 

WooCommerce is lauded for its flexibility in payment options, as merchants can accept payment via bank transfers, cash on delivery (COD), and payment gateways like PTPShopy. 

With the help of the PTPShopy cryptocurrency payment gateway, WooCommerce business owners receive payments from their clients. PTPShopy acts as a go-between for the financial service providers of the two groups (consumers and merchants), using blockchain technology to guarantee the money transfer. Customers can use any cryptocurrency of their choice to make payments thanks to its support for over 400 cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most, if not the most, in the whole cryptocurrency space.

Vendors can verify their funds in a matter of minutes, making the transaction virtually instantaneous, and PTPShopy typically charges less than 1% for each transaction. PTPShopy’s transaction fees are particularly advantageous to businesses, enabling them to make even more financial savings.

The PTPShopy website provides business owners with multiple financial tools, like automated invoicing, that might help facilitate transactions. Because registration is free and quick, PTPShopy merchants do not need to pay a subscription fee to get started; registration is also simple and can be performed without expert help. If you have any questions or need help while integrating the PTPShopy API, our 24/7 customer service is available around the clock.

Integrating PTPShopy Crypto Payments into WooCommerce 

For WooCommerce business owners looking to make more profits, integrating crypto payments offers diverse payment opportunities that cater to their large consumer base, both local and overseas. Here’s a detailed guide to integrating the PTPShopy crypto payment gateway into your WooCommerce store:

Visit the PTPShopy website: After selecting PTPShopy as your preferred cryptocurrency payment gateway, visit the PTPShopy website to begin. 

Setup an account: For new WooCommerce merchants, the first step to integrating the PTPShopy payment gateway is to set up an account. The average signup process involves providing basic information about yourself and your business and confirming that the provided information exists.

Setup your store: After logging in, click “Store” and choose “Create.” Enter your brand name, website address, and any other essential information. Then select “Merchant Tools.”  This will allow you to take payments from clients. Click on the currency of your choice under the “Product Price Currency Type” section. The PTPShopy store allows you to create as many products as possible. 

Install and configure the WooCommerce plugin provided by your crypto payment: After setting up your store, install the WooCommerce plugin provided by PTPShopy. Do this by navigating to your WooCommerce store, choosing “Settings,”  then clicking on “Payments,” and finally choosing “PTPShopy” to enable the payment gateway. Finally, enter the Manage API Key. When this is performed successfully, your customer will see the PTPShopy payment option at the checkout. This will allow them to pay in their desired cryptocurrency, and in return, you will receive in your desired fiat currency. 

Test Transactions: Before you release this payment option to your customers, it is advised that you test the payment gateway. You can do this by assuming the role of a customer and verifying the payment in your cryptocurrency wallet. 

Enable cryptocurrency payments: You must enable the cryptocurrency payment option after installing and configuring your PTPShopy WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce allows merchants to select the cryptocurrency of their choice as well as display the price of their goods in cryptocurrency. 

Create awareness: To ensure usage, communicate with your customers about the new payment update. You can send out emails or even update your website about accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

Keep an eye on your transactions with the WooCommerce and PTPShopy Merchant tools: PTPShopy and WooCommerce offer a plethora of merchant tools that simplify transactions. Among the many tools available are invoicing, dashboards, reporting tools, and more. 

Why WooCommerce Merchants Should Include PTPShopy Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway 

With millions of e-commerce stores available, there is a need to offer services that ease online shopping and also stand out amongst competing brands. These services can range from aesthetic websites to easy user interfaces to rapid payment solutions. By adding a cryptocurrency payment processor to your WooCommerce platform, you can easily accept cryptocurrencies. 

The PTPShopy payment gateway is the quickest and easiest way to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into your online store by integrating unique plugins, modules, and extensions into your WooCommerce platform. This crypto payment gateway solves payment constraints by allowing clients all around the world to reach merchants. Without being constrained by conventional banking systems or currency exchange rates, PTPShopy ensures your consumer base grows and allows you to bypass regulatory barriers set by the traditional finance organization of your country. 

Opting for PTPShopy allows you to save more as it is conventionally cheaper than other payment options like bank transfers and credit cards. PTPShopy offers reduced transaction fees, which are less than 1%, and does not require monthly membership or subscription fees. In addition, clients and merchants can benefit from the anonymity of cryptocurrency, allowing them to perform transactions without revealing their personal or financial information to the public. 

Simply create a PTPShopy merchant project, select the WooCommerce plugin, follow the installation instructions for the module, and include the cryptocurrency payment processor in your online store.