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Merchant API for Cryptocurrency Payments

The PTPShopy API offers a streamlined solution for online businesses and merchants eager to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. From start to finish, PTPShopy handles the payment process, enabling businesses to adopt this modern payment system without needing technical expertise or assuming undue risk. Therefore, this API is adaptable, catering to both simple projects and complex enterprise-level integrations.

Our payment gateway facilitates:

crypto payments

Full automation for accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies.

crypto payment processor

Unique addresses for each transaction.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

Transparent, real-time exchange rates for customers.

crypto payment platforms

A comprehensive platform for merchants to monitor and manage their payment and payout records.

Setting up our API is straightforward. You can generate Merchant API credentials from the PTPShopy merchant portal.

With the API you will need a PTPShopy icon to select a payment method.

You can download it from here:

accept crypto payments

Shopping Cart Plugins

Our official list of prebuilt plugins and integrations for the most popular ecommerce platforms.

crypto accept

WooCommerce cryptocurrency payments

shopify crypto payments

Shopify cryptocurrency payments

crypto payment platforms

PrestaShop 1.7.x cryptocurrency payments

crypto payment platforms

Magento 2.x cryptocurrency payments

crypto payment platforms

Drupal 8+ & Commerce 2+ cryptocurrency payments

accept crypto payments on website

OpenCart 4x cryptocurrency payments

accept crypto payments on website

OpenCart 3x cryptocurrency payments

accept crypto payments on website

OpenCart 2x cryptocurrency payments

Point of Sale (PoS) Tools

accept crypto payments

Embrace in-person cryptocurrency payments with the PTPShopy PoS interface. Whether it’s for a coffee or a car, PTPShopy makes handling any crypto payment a breeze. Offer your customers the choice and convenience of paying in crypto. Even without prior crypto knowledge, you can accept these payments risk-free, without concerns about chargebacks or price volatility.

Cryptocurrency Payment Links

Craft a payment link within minutes and expand your selling avenues. Be it products, services, subscriptions, or tips, our Crypto Payment Link allows for quick payment requests. Just specify the payment amount in USD/Euro/Fiat, and either showcase a QR code for customers to scan at the point of sale or share it through WhatsApp, Email, or your preferred messaging platform.

Cryptocurrency Payment

Accept Cryptocurrency Donations

Accept Crypto Donations

Empower nonprofits, charitable bodies, or crowdfunding campaigns to embrace crypto donations without market volatility risks. No prior crypto experience is needed. Easy, no-code integrations make the process seamless. With a growing inclination towards cryptocurrency-based charity, even major organizations like the Red Cross and United Way are on board with accepting such donations.

Accept Crypto Crowdfunding Payments

Simplify your fundraising with PTPShopy Crowdfunding. Our intuitive crypto payment gateway allows entrepreneurs to effortlessly raise funds globally. Customize your campaign, enjoy the flexibility of receiving various cryptocurrencies, and leverage our platform for seamless contributions. Kickstart your project today and realize your vision with PTPShopy – where fundraising meets the future.

accept crypto payments

Merchant Tools FAQ

Cryptocurrencies offer a fresh avenue to trade goods and services online, drawing an increasing number of businesses into the fold. As such, a rising number of companies across various sectors are integrating digital currency payment options.
• If you do not yet have a PTPShopy account, click “Register” and fill out two fields: your email and your password. After confirming your email, you can start accepting customer payments in the cryptocurrency of your choice.
For a quick guide on how to create a merchant account, see the Integration Guide. Merchants can start accepting payments from clients without going through KYC. Only when withdrawing funds will you need to go through the entire KYC process.

• Log in to your account and click “Store”, then select “Create”.
• In the Name field, you can enter your brand name, website address, brunch name, etc.
• In “Merchant Tools” you choose which tool you will use to receive payment from the client. This step is mandatory.
• In “Product Price Currency Type” select the currency in which you want to display the cost of your product or service. For example, if you select “USD”, all created goods under this store will have the cost displayed in USD.
• As soon as the Store has been created and you click on it, you are taken inside the store, where you can create any number of products or goods that this store sells. All sales made will be located only in this store.
You can host any number of shops or branches.

– You need to create a sales order in the selected store. To do this, you must choose which merchant tool you will use.
– Click on the Create QR button in the form in the Payment Currency Type field, select in which currency you want to receive payment.
– In the Sale Price In field, insert the cost of your product or service.
– In the Sale Order ID field, insert your order number.

Click Create QR POS. You have created Sale Order. You can copy it and send it to your client.

After you’ve shared the payment link or QR code with your client, they have several options. If they decide against the purchase, simply delete the Sale Order. If they pay the exact amount, the platform automatically recognizes and credits you. If there’s a discrepancy in payment, it’ll appear under “unidentified payments”, and you’ll need to decide whether to credit it to a Sale Order or refund the client.

If you can’t find a crypto solution that integrates directly with your shopping cart, you can choose your own integration route. With PTPShopy, merchants can start accepting and sending cryptocurrencies as a form of payment using the API. The PTPShopy Payment API is suitable for applications from basic projects to enterprise-level integrations and allows access to most PTPShopy services through a programmable interface. The Merchant API allows you to process an order just like any other e-commerce platform plugin.

Each store or branch you create can have its own API.

If you already have an e-commerce site, you can quickly start accepting cryptocurrencies by implementing a Bitcoin payment processor into your existing business platform. Plugins, modules and extensions for various e-commerce platforms are the easiest way to integrate crypto payments into your online store. PTPShopy offers a range of merchant payment processing options for the most popular and leading e-commerce platforms.
All you need to do is create a PTPShopy merchant project, choose the most convenient e-commerce plugin, read the module installation instructions and integrate the Bitcoin payment processor into your online store.
• Shopify

• WooCommerce

• Drupal

• Magento

• OpenCart

• PrestaShop

Accepting cryptocurrencies in a physical store has significant benefits for merchants, as cryptocurrencies represent a faster and cheaper monetary exchange for merchants providing any services or goods.
Crypto point-of-sale (POS) fits everyone’s needs – from small grocery stores to fancy restaurants and businesses that are large enough to look into a solution that fits in with their existing POS systems.
– Generate a Sale Order for your customer using a computer or smartphone.
– Show the QR code for payment.
– The client scans the QR code and processes the payment using their chosen currency.
– Payments might be instant (e.g., with Algorand) or could take some time based on the network.
– Once PTPShopy gets network confirmations ensuring the payment is finalized, you’ll see it on the Sale Order. You can then hand over the goods.

The time it takes for funds to reach your digital wallet varies by network, as transactions must be confirmed on the blockchain before they are considered valid. This takes time and is not under the control of PTPShopy. Once the cryptocurrency reaches your wallet, the transaction will appear in your transaction list, giving you a complete overview of your earnings.