The leading payment gateway for cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency payment gateway are here to stay, and with them, there are several concepts and terms that many people are still trying to get familiar with. This is a complex process. We should remember that we are talking about digital currencies, meaning that real funds are involved, so you must be very careful when deciding to adopt them and enjoy their huge potential.

One tool can help you take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, and that is the payment gateway for cryptocurrencies.

 Cryptocurrency payment gateway?

It is a third-party payment processor specially designed for digital currencies. Thanks to a payment gateway, your merchant can accept digital payments in cryptocurrencies and receive the equivalent amount in the fiat currency of your choice in your account.

Payment gateways for cryptocurrencies are not an exclusive condition for using digital currencies as a means of payment for your company or merchant, but they represent a huge help for those who want to accelerate the adoption of this technology.

When looking for a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies, you should put a magnifying glass on some fundamental aspects, such as security, the number of cryptocurrencies supported, and automatic currency conversion. In addition, of course, you should be attentive to the fees and commissions, looking for them to be as low and flexible as possible without giving up any of the points we have mentioned above.

The one that meets all these conditions is undoubtedly PTPShopy, the best payment gateway for cryptocurrencies currently available.

Despite being a relatively new platform, PTPShopy has positioned itself among the preferred ones by merchants and users in general, thanks to its distinctive features that make it unique in the industry.

PTPShopy has a wallet that supports over 400 different cryptocurrencies, which expands the payment options you can offer your customers. At the same time, it will enlarge your wallet, attracting them from new markets. And thanks to the global feature of cryptocurrencies, you can reach your business all over the world.

It offers up-to-date quotes for various currencies and currencies from different countries, with up-to-date information and reports to be well-informed about variations in currency prices.

In addition, its fees and commissions are among the lowest in the market. If we take into account that it has many tools for crypto payments, which are instant, no matter where you are in the world, then we are talking about an amazing tool for your trade to incorporate cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.


Adopting PTPShopy by many merchants and eCommerce platforms will allow users to easily link with each other, expanding the possibilities of making purchases and any other type of commercial transactions.

Every day more and more people are deciding to take advantage of the world of cryptocurrencies. And not only as an investment but also as a means of payment or a tool to make transactions much safer, faster, and with lower costs than traditional banking.