Web3 Gaming and Metaverse Investments Surge to $297 Million

In a remarkable turn of events, the web3 gaming and metaverse sectors experienced a reinvigorated surge in investments during the month of July 2023, reaching an impressive total of $297 million. This resurgence in interest comes on the heels of a brief market lull, signaling a renewed appetite for cutting-edge ventures within the realms of blockchain gaming and virtual reality.


Blockchain Gaming Takes Center Stage

Of particular note is the substantial dominance of blockchain gaming within this investment surge. Accounting for a significant 41% of on-chain decentralized application (dapp) activity during the period, blockchain gaming exhibited remarkable traction. An astonishing 712,611 unique active wallets participated in these gaming experiences daily, underscoring the robust engagement within this burgeoning sector.

Among the blockchain gaming platforms, WAX emerged as a front-runner, boasting an impressive 300,325 active wallets. This achievement underscores WAX’s appeal and efficacy in attracting users to its blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

Genkai NFTs: Unveiling Trading Patterns

An intriguing facet of the NFT  space that emerged during July was the performance of Genkai NFTs. Despite their initial strong performance, these digital assets experienced a trading volume exceeding $491,000. However, the floor price of Genkai NFTs exhibited a significant decline, plummeting to 0.19 ETH—a notable 24% decrease from its mint value. This shift raises pertinent questions about the inherent volatility of NFT markets and the multifaceted factors influencing the trajectories of their value.

Arbitrum Gaming: Ascending Momentum

Further substantiating the momentum within web3 gaming is the escalating adoption of Arbitrum. The seamless migration of Mighty Bear Games from Polygon to Arbitrum serves as a compelling testament to the potential advantages of such transitions.


Notably, TreasureDAO garnered an impressive transaction volume exceeding $842,000, driven by an astonishing 73,580 transactions within the span of a single month. The increasing popularity of Arbitrum for gaming hints at a shifting preference for platforms that offer enhanced scalability and an improved user experience.

The Rise of the Sweat Economy and Metaverse Trading Volumes

An enthralling narrative within the web3 gaming landscape centers around the emergence of the Sweat Economy game dapp. In July alone, this game secured its position as the most widely played dapp, amassing a substantial monthly user base exceeding 739,000. This feat highlights the growing diversification of gaming experiences within the cryptocurrency payment space and underscores the potential for innovative game mechanics to captivate user engagement.

Conversely, the trading volumes within the metaverse segment experienced a year-low in July. With metaverse trading volumes dwindling to $5.6 million, primarily driven by 10,796 land sales, this downward trend invites introspection into the potential factors contributing to this decline. The exploration of whether this decline represents a momentary shift or a more substantial trend becomes paramount.

Infrastructural Investment: The Driving Force

The influx of an impressive $297 million in investments into the web3 gaming and metaverse sectors is notably characterized by its allocation strategy. A significant 63% of these investments were channeled into infrastructure development, underscoring the acknowledgment of the pivotal role that technological foundations play in shaping the trajectory of web3 gaming and metaverse experiences.


As the dynamic landscape of web3 gaming and metaverse evolution continues to unfold, the trends observed in investments provide invaluable insights into the emerging dynamics and potential pathways of this rapidly expanding arena. With blockchain gaming taking the lead, NFT trends undergoing fluctuations, and investments primarily directed towards infrastructure, the upcoming months promise an exciting era of innovation and growth at the intersection of gaming and decentralized technologies.