PTPShopy Launches: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for Businesses

TORONTO (January 12, 2024) – Core State Holdings Corp. has officially launched the cryptocurrency payment gateway, PTPShopy.

We are pleased to announce that our cryptocurrency payment gateway is designed with all industries in mind, catering to merchants of all types of businesses. PTPShopy, our cryptocurrency payment gateway, offers significant advantages over other companies’ solutions.

We provide the best SaaS crypto payment solution for software or hosting providers, offering a wide array of tools. This solution facilitates the seamless integration of PTPShopy into your existing software or online solution. Additionally, we offer tailored solutions for companies.

For offline retailers, we offer a unique PoS and Payment Link solution, while online retailers can access an API and a selection of plugins for any e-commerce platform. Each merchant tool not only enables payment acceptance but also allows for the creation of payment receipts.

Charities and non-profit organizations can benefit from our Donate functionality, which permits the creation of multiple donation programs and provides the option to create a donation link or button, complete with a downloadable icon available for free on our website.

Don’t let funding constraints hinder your dreams. PTPShopy’s Donation-Based crowdfunding opens doors to a world of opportunities. Launch your campaign today and become part of a thriving community of entrepreneurs and innovators successfully raising funds with our support.

Freelancers can utilize PTPShopy to access the functionality they need for accepting cryptocurrency payments, particularly for remote services.

Statistics reveal the growing importance of cryptocurrency in commerce: 77% of accepting merchants favor it for lower transaction fees, while 32% of businesses seek to expand using crypto to attract new customers. Additionally, 27% of consumers earning over $100,000 annually have embraced cryptocurrency in the past year.

The primary advantage of PTPShopy lies in its low transaction fees. Merchants pay only 0.99% of the transaction amount, with no hidden fees, and a withdrawal fee of 0%. Opening a merchant account is completely free. We encourage you to give PTPShopy a try, and if you have any questions, we are here to provide answers.

You can find detailed information about these versatile tools in the PTPShopy Guide.

Additionally, we offer a complimentary affiliate/referral program that serves as a valuable bonus for those seeking to generate recurring income through the platform. This marketing strategy encourages existing users to promote PTPShopy using a unique referral code or link. When a new merchant signs up and utilizes our services through your referral, you will receive recurring revenue from PTPShopy. This referral program provides a consistent source of passive income, as PTPShopy will continuously compensate you with commissions based on transaction fees generated by the merchants you refer.

To learn more about PTPShopy, please visit our website. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates and information.