5 Best Financial Affiliate Programs in 2024

The global Financial Affiliate marketing industry is worth over $17 billion and is predicted to increase to a market capitalization value of about $28 billion in 2025. These statistics have once again proven that affiliate marketing is a high-value, low-risk industry that provides opportunities for companies and affiliate marketers. 

Imagine earning $1-$150 in the comfort of your home by promoting products and services for different companies to your audience. Although there are millions of affiliate programs, not all are created equal. Some offer higher commissions and others are merely scams from dubious brands. If you are looking to get started, this article explores 5 of the best financial affiliate programs in the market today. 

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There are thousands of ways to earn money, so why choose to dive into affiliate marketing, right? Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions, which can range from $1 to $1000 every day by simply promoting or advertising a company’s offer, products, and services. It offers a win-win situation for both the company and affiliate marketers as both parties enjoy numerous benefits by collaborating. Here, the company earns visibility via promotion, expanding its reach and improving its traffic, and the affiliate marketer gets paid for the promotion. 

Affiliate marketers can work with different affiliate programs in the same field and earn as many commissions as possible as the programs offer many physical or digital financial products to choose from. Joining an affiliate program is also easy as most businesses have few requirements to begin and for prospective affiliate marketers with a high following on their website or social media platform, the chances of profitability are even higher.

5 Best Financial Affiliate Programs in 2024

This section contains 5 of the best-rated financial affiliate programs around the world. These programs often pay out large sums of commissions on time and the businesses involved are also committed to providing quality financial products and services. 

PTPShopy Affiliate Program

PTPShopy is a leading cryptocurrency service provider that offers over 400+ cryptocurrencies for trading and all other financial uses. It is the leading payment gateway for merchants, influencers, and all other interested crypto enthusiasts. It has 10+ integration tools for merchants to use and is compatible with several e-commerce websites and online stores.

Affiliate Program/Commission Rate: The PTPShopy affiliate program has the best offers for both affiliate newbies and veterans. When you register or sign up as an affiliate, you will be given a unique referral code or link that your referrals can use. PTPShopy offers a 50% commission on every transaction fee from your referrals (merchants). The program provides promotional resources and is open to existing customers, including website owners, bloggers, influencers, and other interested parties.

Payout is instant and in the cryptocurrency of the merchant, the merchant transacted with. The average affiliate can earn between $7,238/month to $8,645/month, so there is no capped amount you can earn. Your earnings can be more or less than the stated amount as it depends on your audience size and promotional or lead generation strategies.

NerdWallet Affiliate Program

Basic Information: Nerdwallet is undoubtedly one of the most popular finance blogs on the internet. It was founded in 2009 by Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson. The website provides different financial tools and resources such as credit and debit card comparison, loans, insurance, investment, and information related to credit score monitoring. 

Affiliate Program/Commission Rate: NerdWallet’s affiliate program is open to anyone interested, but favors those whose contents are strictly finance and investment. It allows website owners, bloggers, social media content creators, and email marketers to promote its numerous financial services in return for commission. 

The affiliate program is hosted on the CJ Affiliate Network and has a cookie duration of 14 days. Nerdwallet provides different products and hence, offers different commission rates. For instance, successful credit card referrals and signs earn a commission rate of $10-$100. For other kinds of financial products, the rate is usually an agreed percentage of each successful sale or lead. 

Robinhood Affiliate Program

Robinhood is another financial organization that offers amazing affiliate payouts. It is a US-based company that offers digital financial services such as a user-friendly platform for trading cryptocurrencies and stocks. 

Affiliate Program/Commission Rate: The Robinhood affiliate program targets affiliate marketers looking to earn commission on leads and referrals to the Robinhood application or website. It offers an amazing commission rate of $5 for users who successfully sign up and verify their accounts. 

As long as affiliates keep signing up, Robinhood will pay as high as $500 every month. However, Robinhood has a 30-day cookie period, which means a user has to complete the signup and verification within 30 days for the affiliate to earn money. Robinhood also provides promotional resources such as banners, videos, and images for their affiliates to use. 

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that was founded by Brain Armstrong. Although it has its headquarters in California, the company offers financial services to over 100 countries in the world. 

Affiliate Program/Commission Rate: With a common rate as high as 50% of the trading fees of every referred user, the Coinbase affiliate program is one of the most profitable in this highly competitive industry. There is no limit to what affiliates can earn as their CPS model ensures unrestricted payouts. 

However, the Coinbase Affiliate program is somewhat difficult for beginners as affiliates must have at least 45,000 impressions on their website or application and bring in over 25 referrals within 3 months of signup. Coinbase also has a 30-day cookie duration and provides materials and resources for influencers and affiliates to use during the promotion. 

Credit Sesame Affiliate Program 

Credit Sesame is a financial service company that assists users in managing their credit scores. They provide credit science services like free credit score monitoring, consulting, and analysis, and also provide recommendations that will help improve their user’s credit scores. 

Affiliate Program/Commission Rate: Credit Sesame offers a commission rate of $8 for every successful sign-up. This commission is one of the highest when compared to other competitors. They have a 30-day cookie duration like other affiliate programs and offer promotional resources to the affiliates. 

Sign up for the PTPShopy Affiliate Program 

Are you looking to begin affiliate marketing or in search of a verifiable financial affiliate program to promote? PTPShopy affiliate program is a low-entry barrier program open to both new and veteran affiliates. Registration is easy and every approved affiliate is provided with promotional materials to make marketing easy. With a 50% commission on every merchant transaction, there is no limit to what you can earn. Read more on PTPshopy here.