How to Get Quick Crowdfunding for your project with Crypto

Raising funds can be one of the most difficult areas in starting a project. You may not have access to a wide pool of investors or find ways to receive from people who are willing to invest. This is why crowdfunding is important. It is an efficient way to raise funds and bring your vision to life.

Cryptocurrency takes crowdfunding to the next level. It offers added benefits such as global reach, streamlined fundraising, and transparency. Platforms like PTPShopy offer ready-made custom solutions that you can integrate into your websites to crowdfund from potential investors.

Let’s dive in deeper into crowdfunding, explore the features, benefits, and how to get started on your first campaign.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a process of raising money to finance a project or a business. Usually, interested investors (also called backers) meet or match with entrepreneurs to support their ideas often in exchange for a reward.

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized how entrepreneurs fund their projects. By integrating crypto gateways into their websites, they can now directly receive investments from people worldwide, bypassing traditional intermediaries like banks. However, it’s important to note that crypto crowdfunding is different from ICOs. While ICOs involve selling digital tokens, crypto crowdfunding focuses on garnering support for a specific project or business.

Recent data indicates a growing trend of businesses embracing crypto crowdfunding as a means of financing their ventures. This approach enables startups to access capital from a global pool of investors, helping entrepreneurs realize innovative ideas and projects.

Why should I Crowdfund with Crypto?

When compared to the traditional method of crowdfunding, crypto crowdfunding offers numerous benefits to not only investors but also individuals. The following are some benefits of crypto crowdfunding: 

Capital Availability: Crypto crowdfunding gives entrepreneurs access to capital or financial resources to fund their projects from ideation to launch. By providing a viable crowdfunding environment, which is usually a verifiable crypto crowdfunding platform, entrepreneurs can attract potential backers from all around the world to assist their ideas and projects. 

Access to a Large Audience: Crypto crowdfunding can help entrepreneurs reach a global audience of prospective investors as well as interested consumers. Employing the immense potential of blockchain technology, interested backers from all around the world can express their financial support efficiently and immediately. 

Low barrier to entry: Unlike traditional crowdfunding which sets certain standards or requirements for interested entrepreneurs to meet, crypto crowdfunding has no barrier and is open for all. You do not have to worry about your credit score or other financial requirements to access the many financial tools for crowdfunding. All that is required of you is your interest and a smart gadget to access the crowdfunding platform. 

Gives rise to different fundraising innovations: The rise in crypto crowdfunding popularity among entrepreneurs is key evidence of innovative fundraising models. Traditional fundraising often follows a specific pattern that may not be welcoming or friendly to entrepreneurs and backers around the world. Crypto crowdfunding solves these limiting drawbacks with blockchain technology to break down barriers and usher in a new era of fundraising.

Encourages transparency: An important value in crowdfunding is transparency. Potential investors must be assured that their donations are channeled towards developing your ideas and not for other purposes. Crypto crowdfunding employs smart contracts to ensure transparency and security between entrepreneurs and investors. 

Encourages communal support: Communal support, alongside funding, is important for any entrepreneur looking to develop a successful idea. Hence, crypto crowdfunding supports and encourages communal support by allowing you to share your marketing campaign with your various communities on social media. With communal support, entrepreneurs can get access to more funding and also create a potential consumer base when the project launches.

Getting Started on Your First Campaign 

Setting up your first crowdfunding campaign as an entrepreneur can be quite daunting but with the right tools and resources, any entrepreneur can raise the necessary funds for their project. Using PTPShopy, you can start your first crowdfunding campaign by following the steps below:

  1. Choose a reliable crypto crowdfunding platform: Your choice of platform can make or mar the success of your crowdfunding campaign. It is essential to choose the right crowdfunding platform equipped with the necessary tools to handle the strenuous process of crowdfunding. In this fast-paced digital world, PTPShopy is one of the few white-label companies that offers streamlined crowdfunding support to entrepreneurs.
  1. Register and create a crowdfunding campaign: Visit the crowdfunding site and create your special crowdfunding campaign by clicking the large “Crowdfunding icon” Input the necessary details as regards your project and idea. Input the project name, and goal, and specify the funding target to complete the goal. Submit to create your crowdfunding widget. 
  1. Share your marketing campaign to a wider audience: Download the widget into your gadget and share it across your social media platform for a wider reach to gain more traffic. 
  1. Keep to your promises: PTPShopy employs Smart contract, a unique technology to ensure transparency. Once you accomplish your crowdfunding goal, you can withdraw the funds into your wallet to accomplish your goal. 
  1. Update your investors regularly: Churning out weekly or monthly updates on your progress is a good way to keep your investors interested. This encourages transparency and can also attract more funding from other investors. 

Raise Funds for Your Project Today!

Whether you’re a pro or just starting, raising funds for your project can be a difficult task. But we’ve got your back. PTPShopy provides advanced features that make it easier and faster to raise funds via crypto from investors across the globe. 

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