Top Crypto Crowdfunding Platforms For Businesses

Crowdfunding is an avenue for businesses to raise capital and bring their projects to reality. It is also a space that has been significantly impacted by the rise of cryptocurrencies. With the increasing popularity of digital assets, crypto crowdfunding platforms have emerged as an alternative way for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise funds. 

Crypto crowdfunding offers benefits such as global reach, flexibility, transparency, and effortless fundraising for new projects looking to launch in a short period. There are already numerous crowdfunding platforms that currently accept cryptocurrencies, however, in this article, we will focus solely on the top ones.

  1. PTPShopy

PTPShopy is a company that offers customized crypto crowdfunding services for businesses. With streamlined features, investors can easily fund projects of their choice. It supports 400+ cryptocurrencies, with other features such as a wallet, donate, crowdfunding, API, plugins, Invoice, Billing, and a PoS modules.

PTPShopy has a user-friendly interface that simplifies funding for investors and withdrawals for entrepreneurs. Both parties can use the platforms without technical know-how of how cryptocurrency works. There are also promotional tools that allow users to promote their crowdfunding campaigns to other pools of investors. 

  1. MicroVentures

Founded in 2009, MicroVentures is a crowdfunding platform built for accredited and non-accredited investors, allowing them access to invest in startups. This platform has raised over $500 million and is regarded as one of the first venture capital firms with low barriers to entry. It is a full-service investment platform and a member of FINRA/SIPC. 

MicroVentures is perfect for angel investors to invest in ventures. Startups from different industries such as technology, fashion, consumer health, and more. They conduct a strict background check on prospective ventures, evaluating their risks, likelihood of profitability, and other criteria before listing them. Once selected, the approved entrepreneurs get access to funding as high as $1 million. 

The downside is that they charge a high percentage of 20% for each successful raise. 

  1. pitchIN

pitchIN is a platform that assists businesses in raising capital for their ventures via equity crowdfunding. In return, investors get equity, depending on their donations. This platform has helped over 100 entrepreneurs get funding, raising over RM100 million to date. Entrepreneurs are allowed to register and create a profile to share their ideas and business plans with potential investors. 

The platform also provides tools for entrepreneurs to improve their pitch, increasing their chances of receiving funding. Since the board of pitchIN consists of entrepreneurs and investors of like minds, they developed a platform for prospective entrepreneurs and investors to thrive. 

  1. QuantmRE

QuantmRE is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that provides an avenue for homeowners to sell part of their home’s equity to interested investors. It provides a unique opportunity for Main Street investors by offering owner-occupied real estate equity. Via QuantmRE, homeowners can get equity without incurring additional debt or interest. 

QuantmRE’s investment opportunities depend on the approvals dropped by federal and state home regulators, which can impact the smooth transfer of assets. This investment mechanism defies the purpose of decentralization. In addition, there have been concerns about the platform’s transparency towards exposing the real cost of properties as well as undefined terms and conditions in the home-sharing models.

  1. RealBlocks

RealBlocks is another blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for investors to invest in real estate with cryptocurrency. Built on Ethereum, this platform employs open-source smart contract protocols that tokenizes real-world assets, that is real estate, equity, and debt to raise capital easily. 

RealBlocks makes this possible by using the blockchain system to limit inter-party dependency and encourage transparency. In addition, the platform’s compliance requirements are programmed via smart contracts to reduce human effort and expenses. 

  1. GitCoin

Founded by Kevin Owocki in 2017, GitCoin is a leading infrastructure for open-source software development and crowdfunding. It is known for its fundraising features as well as tipping developers and organizations numerous hackathons. 

GitCoin Grants, a core program distributed over $56 million to open-source software developers and organizations via reward payment. The unique quadratic funding allows community donations to be matched through a crowdfund-matching algorithm. In addition to the grants, Gitcoin uses bounties to detect and repair development issues.

  1. Vent

Vent is for project owners, founders, and developers to benefit from technical support. The platform also offers influencer marketing, community management, and exchange listing to guarantee a seamless partnership for project founders. 

The platform offers 24-hour support during the early stages of the project as well as observing due diligence to remove projects that fall short of their standards. This creates a pool of project founders with outstanding business plans.

  1. TallyCoin

TallyCoin is a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform that accepts Bitcoin and other lightning assets to fund projects without incurring any service charges or transaction fees. Individuals can register and create a crowdfunding campaign of their choice. They can also receive funding directly into their wallet and also customize their funding-raising campaign with a simple editor that is quick to understand and operate. 

Regardless of the donation amount, businesses with crowdfunding campaigns can rest assured of the safety of their funds. The platform can be embedded on different websites to facilitate direct purchase, improving functionality and ensuring accessibility. 

  1. Meridio

Founded in 2017 by Colin Page, this platform is an online crowdfunding platform for real estate investments. Employing SaaS technology powered with the blockchain, the platform helps convert real estate into tangible digital assets. Meridio has provided a solution or bridge for investors to meet landlords without following the archaic, traditional method of investment. 

Both landowners and investors are verified before they are approved to meet one. Alongside a normal Bitcoin address, TallyCoin uses an Extended Public Key (xPub Key) so that each payment generates a new Bitcoin address. To receive donations with a lightning address, business owners must own an Opennode and deposit the API key, which is provided by Opennode.