Top Crypto Invoicing Platforms in 2024

With the staggering spike in crypto adoption, many businesses have opened up to the possibility of integrating cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their customers. As more businesses partner with crypto payment gateways, a wide range of benefits emerge, allowing for more seamless transactions. Crypto invoicing is one of these benefits as it streamlines payment processes for both businesses and customers alike. This article discusses top crypto invoicing platforms for business owners. 

What is Crypto Invoicing?

Crypto invoicing is creating invoices for products and services that will be paid in cryptocurrency. This decentralized form of Invoicing offers many benefits– from a marketing perspective, businesses will experience fast and cost-effective transactions and also cater to customers across borders. While it works like a regular invoice, crypto invoicing creates invoices faster and there is no human error during transactions.  

Top Invoicing Platforms In 2024

The crypto industry is filled with millions of solutions for business owners, but only a few deliver their promises. The following are the top crypto invoicing platforms for business owners in 2024. 


PTPShopy is a crypto payment gateway and a trusted crypto invoicing platform for merchants looking to improve their business productivity. Merchants can easily receive crypto payments with our free-to-use invoice generator that allows you to send bills to your clients, generate online receipts, and even manage crypto subscription payments.

With a 0.95% charge, PTPShopy has one of the lowest service fees in the cryptosphere. Plus, the average time to set up an invoice is approximately 3 minutes or even less. There are no limits to the number of invoices you can generate every month and our platform also supports over 400 cryptocurrencies. 

PTPShopy also allows for Web3 integration to simplify billing. It allows merchants to even identify unrecognized payments and get instant updates on any transaction. Merchants can also enable recurring billing depending on the order to reduce stress. The platform has a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and withdrawal is free.

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase is undoubtedly a top cryptocurrency exchange with one of the three best crypto invoicing mechanisms in today’s market. To break down financial barriers, Coinbase enables business owners to send and receive payments anywhere in the world, irrespective of the location or invoicing software. 

The Coinbase software is easy to integrate into any website or e-commerce store and they offer users protection against crypto’s volatility. While they charge a 1% transaction fee, they do not offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies to transact with. 


By simply integrating ALFAcoins’ API, widgets, and e-commerce plugins into your website or e-commerce store, merchants can enjoy the many benefits of this crypto invoicing platform. ALFAcoins allows business merchants to send and receive cryptocurrency. The platform offers users additional accounting tools to help them export their business data to their preferred site. There is comprehensive 24/7 customer support for merchants in need of guidance.


Like Coinbase, BitBay is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on this list and is well-experienced in providing DeFi services to users. It is also regarded as one of the first platforms to offer diverse financial solutions with the goal of transforming how businesses and people send, receive, and store money around the world. BitPay is secured and has processed over $4 billion since 2011. 

The platform has a user-friendly interface that simplifies registration and signing. Merchants have access to a unique crypto debit card to facilitate spending. However, they have poor customer support and refunds can be slow in situations of transaction failure. Merchants open to the idea of owning a debit card must pay a non-usage fee of $5. 


CoinsBank is a one-stop shop for all of your decentralized solutions. From offering wallets to cryptocurrency debit and credit cards, this platform has it all. Founded in April 2016, CoinsBank has placed itself as a top decentralized organization to reckon with. It offers high security to every merchant as it is licensed by the FinCEN MSB in Belize. CoinsBank supports different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and has a user-friendly interface that eases navigation.

This platform is no stranger in the cryptosphere. With more than 50 million users, is a popular crypto exchange platform and cryptocurrency invoicing site that offers both hot and cold crypto wallets and different crypto cards. Although they do not ask for transaction fees, merchants must pay a 0.5% settlement fee. 

Transactions can only be conducted seamlessly on the application and only a selected number of merchants can enjoy their offline integration. The platform also supports a low number of cryptocurrencies, which can make payment difficult for certain customers. 


Paystand is a customer-friendly, cost-effective platform that strives to provide excellent services without incurring a high cost. This platform enables merchants to facilitate payment and invoicing on their websites, billing systems, and mobile gadgets. They can also make payments through check or ACH. Paystand supports a wide range of alternative payment options like Paypal Pro/Express Checkout, Stripe, and more.

Merchants on Paystand can automate an email assistant that can help customers with unpaid invoices and due dates. The multi-tier dashboard allows merchants to simultaneously track all their invoices, receive messages, and more. Paystand can hold your fund for up to 5 days in certain situations. It does not integrate with Quickbooks; merchants can integrate it with Netsuites.


Swapin is an open-source crypto invoicing platform, formerly known as Piixpay. This platform helps merchants avert volatility and loss by allowing payment at the regular rate. The platform accepts Euros and all transactions are linked to the SEPA Bank. Swapin has a great community of developers that can offer merchants support and its friendly user interface allows for easy navigation. 

To ensure security, the platform follows strict measures before merchants provide their data, which often includes their contact information and names. Merchants intending to transact with the platform’s SEPA account will incur huge transaction fees, which is not friendly to small business owners.