Top Fund-Raising Crypto Platforms for Your Non-Profits

Whether you’re a new nonprofit organization or a seasoned nonprofit organization looking to support a cause, fundraising is an integral aspect of your nonprofit organization. It can be challenging setting up a traditional fundraising platform that supports all the needs of your donors, issues such as cost and delays can affect the progress of your crowdfunding campaign. 

Adopting crypto in fundraising programs can ease this stress and provide a better environment to receive donations from potential benefactors. This article will introduce you to crypto fundraising and provide the top fundraising crypto platforms for your non-profit.

What is online fundraising?

Online fundraising is a revenue-generation process that allows nonprofit organizations to raise money through digital platforms. Usually, an online fundraising platform implements in-built facilities that support online mobile donations, P2P fundraising, and social media sharing. The essence of online fundraising is to bridge the barrier and difficulty of donations, ensuring widespread support and widening the possible revenue. 

What are the Benefits of Crypto Online Fundraising for Your Nonprofit? 

Over 90% of nonprofits conduct online fundraising on their website, and a majority, typically 70%, choose fundraising tools that offer additional features like automatic donation and email receipts. Similarly, up-and-coming nonprofits are projected to take the same route of using online crypto fundraising platforms for their many benefits. The following are some benefits your nonprofit stands to enjoy: 

Diversification of revenue

Online crypto fundraising platforms have saved many nonprofits from donor fatigue, a situation whereby the number of donors is statistically lower than the projected amount, affecting the nonprofits’ ability to actualize their visions and goals. If your nonprofit is on the verge of approaching donor fatigue, changing your donation messaging may have little to no impact. Instead, utilize the right donation platforms that allow prospective donations from around the world. The more reach your nonprofit gets, the higher the chances of donations. 

Better traction and traffic

As the world moves towards digitization, nonprofits looking to gain more traction should also use digital platforms to raise funds confidently. Online fundraising platforms can help your nonprofit stay ahead and also avert economic loss. By placing yourself ahead of others and having a fully- accessible online presence, your nonprofit can easily attract donors. 

Transparency and accountability 

For nonprofits around the world, accountability is essential to keeping your nonprofit afloat and also attracting more donors. If your nonprofit is associated with the truth, donors are more likely to fund your plans as they are assured that their resources are channeled to the right cause. However, human error can fault your nonprofit’s accountability, especially if you employ manual-based fundraising strategies. Nowadays, nonprofits can use online crypto fundraising platforms with additional tools that promote financial accuracy and accountability.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Crypto Fundraising Platform for Your Nonprofit

When it comes to picking the right crypto fundraising platform for your nonprofit, there are some things to consider to maximize ease for your prospective donors and also support your nonprofit goals. 

The platform interface: In a bid to offer many features, many crypto fundraising platforms have terrible user interfaces, which deter donors from donating. Before you choose any crypto fundraising platform for your nonprofit, make sure that prospective donors can easily make donations within 7 steps or less. 

Transaction fees: Many online crypto platforms charge nonprofits to facilitate transactions. Usually, these payments could either be a monthly subscription to access their payment gateway or a certain percentage on all transactions. As a nonprofit, you should choose crypto online platforms that charge little to no transaction fee to minimize your cost of operations. 

Ease of payment: Donors are more likely to donate to no profits with an easy mode of payment. Stressful or complicated payment procedures can contribute to donor fatigue. Nonprofits must choose platforms that support multiple cryptocurrencies and also allow for easy transactions. 

Automated financial services: Running a nonprofit goes beyond receiving donations; it also involves additional financial processes. A good online crypto fundraising platform must offer automated features that handle other financial procedures such as generating tax receipts for donors that can be submitted to the IRS, immediate cryptocurrency conversion and withdrawal, P2P and credit and debit card processing, and more. 

Social media compatibility: Upon setting up your fundraising campaign, it is essential to raise awareness of your blog or social media community. Nonprofits should choose fundraising platforms that allow for the creation and sharing of automated buttons or media that direct donors to the campaigns.

5 Top Crypto Fundraising Solutions for Your Nonprofits

Crypto fundraising is important for nonprofits looking to achieve their fundraising goals. To do so, your nonprofit must target prospective donors online, which are usually Millennials and Gen Zers. Crypto-fundraising platforms provide an avenue for your nonprofits to process donations. Among the many platforms available, these are the top 5 crypto fundraising platforms for your nonprofits.


PTPShopy is a user-friendly donation platform for nonprofits looking for the right platform to achieve their fundraising goals. The interface allows both donors and nonprofits to easily navigate without having any prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. With our many features, your nonprofit can easily set up a campaign and share it with your community to immediately receive donors. You do not need to worry about security, as PTPShopy provides a flexible and secure platform for donors to fund their favorite nonprofit cause. 

The way PTPShopy operates is by letting people design a donation widget that they can post on their social media profiles or websites. When funding starts, PTPShopy provides a Bitcoin wallet to store all monies and uses smart contracts—self-executing software that serves as a middleman—to make sure that money is distributed only once the funding goal is reached. Additionally, PTPShopy does not charge nonprofits, unlike other crypto fundraising platforms


Giveth is another user-friendly crypto fundraising platform that allows nonprofits to raise funds easily. It promotes transparency and visibility, ensuring donors have full knowledge about how their contributions are being used. Its unique GIVbacks rewards and GIVpower encourage extra support, ensuring revolutionary funding in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Giveth encourages communal support by allowing nonprofits to share donation campaign links with their large community as well as offering incentives to motivate other donors. To ensure transparency, Giveth mandates that every fundraising campaign provide accurate and concise information to improve visibility. 


Launched in 2017, Gitcoin is an open-source project that has a strong record of raising over $50 million. Its grant program allows donors to donate to projects of their choice. It is one of the most well-known crypto fundraising platforms that also allows for crowdfunding and quadratic funding. Although Giycoin offers stellar fundraising opportunities, it primarily focuses on open-source Web3 projects, so nonprofit organizations may not necessarily benefit.

Optimism RPGF

Also called RetroPGF, Optimism’s Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) is a fundraising program that supports projects on the Optimism network. The recipients or selected organizations are chosen based on their activity on the Optimism Collective and the impact of their projects. Like Bitcoin, the recipients are participants in the optimism network. 

The Giving Block

This platform is an excellent one for fundraising for nonprofits. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that promote fundraising for schools, charities, and other associated nonprofits. Founded by Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy in 2018 to diversify the use case of cryptocurrency, the Giving Block has raised over $100 million and is being used by popular nonprofit organizations around the world. 

Receive Donations Easily Today!

PTPShopy is the right crypto fundraising platform for your nonprofits. For nonprofits looking to cater to the 63% of donors who prefer to donate via credit or debit card, PTPShopy is the right platform to facilitate their donation process. 

This crypto fundraising platform supports over 100+ cryptocurrencies and offers every nonprofit a simple crypto wallet to accept payments. Users can also raise awareness through campaigns, and you can trust our devoted workers to offer prompt support.